Oceanland Logistics Limited

Enhance and safeguard your position


In tandem with our consultancy expertise, we are able to ‘practise what we preach,’ and where required be an active force to implement change and to drive strategic moves that enhance and safeguard your position.

In this role, our diverse network of partners and associates allows us to manage and develop key areas of your business, creating strategies, structures and activities which would otherwise be difficult to exploit or implement. Whether you require a fresh view to enhancing revenues or optimising your costs, or are receptive to forging new partnerships that will drive efficiencies and broaden your reach, our commercial and operational participation will provide solutions and results.

Our Commercial and Operational participation may also be directed to performing asset management, a ‘hands on’ commercial function allied to Ship-owners, Financial Institutions or stakeholders needing an arms length operating platform.

We know how to respond to the challenges of vessel ownership in both good and bad markets and are able to apply a responsive and very effective management solution for those who control vessels during the various phases of the market. We are with you for the long or short term nature of ownership, ‘work outs’ or staged disposals, developing strategies of entry, trading and exit.

Ours is a full scale operation which consolidates full commercial and operational management of ships, in combination with our fully ISO9002 accredited Technical management and crewing partners.

Management and administration processes are transparent, traceable and accountable, working in tandem with vessel deployment and trading strategies that will maximise your revenues.   

Contact us for a discussion, and to learn more about our achievements and our potential role for your business.