Oceanland Logistics Limited

Equal access, continued long term success


Ship investments have yielded some of the best returns to be seen among the ‘asset classes’. It is an investment in world trade and growth that possesses instruments that manage risk and reward, and ensures that participation can be both measured and liquid. Additionally an interest in a ship and the benefits of tonnage tax allows the investor access to largely tax free dividends.

For many, Ship investment remains an elusive and secretive area which is dominated by Industry insiders or institutions, but our knowledge of these markets and skill in bringing the right partners together has resulted in equal access, and continued long term success for entrepreneurial organisations of all types.

With any serious participation, development and evaluation are intrinsic to a successful investment package. In combination with the leading talents of the shipping Industry, we assess the technical, regulatory and economic merits of the ship and its market. We ensure our investors benefit from an intense process of appraisal which clearly demonstrates entry, trading, exit and overall risk scenarios.

Timing is an essential component for any Shipping investment, and there are times to be a spectator or rather to be a serious participant.

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